Why Give to UWSC

Some of you may ask, 'Why give to the UWSC?' Others may ask, 'I already give to local charities, why should I consider giving to the UWSC?'  These are very reasonable questions you should ask before donating your hard-earned money to any non-profit organization. 
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Why give to UWSC?

The United Way of Sampson County does what no one else does, we raise funds and give funds locally.  Through our annual campaign, we raise funds to support local agencies that serve our local residents.  There is no other organization that provides more comprehensive funding to such a wide range of agencies in our own community.  UWSC supports agencies that focus on education, health and income.  

UWSC focuses on issues that matter most to you. We identify our community’s needs and raise funds to meet those needs. We carefully review and evaluate local agencies in their ability to meet those needs, and then we allocate funding to those agencies to make the biggest impact on our community.  

Why donate to the UWSC instead of funding local agencies directly?

If you have a strong personal connection with a local agency, we believe you should support that agency directly.  In fact, when we review agencies we encourage a strong source of support other than the funding they receive from UWSC. 

Although supporting individual agencies certainly has its place, the holistic approach of the UWSC can give added value to your donation.  The UWSC views the community as a whole.  Local agencies may focus on one target issue, but at the UWSC we are involved with all aspects of health and human services within Sampson County. This holistic approach along with the agency evaluations allow us to see the entire picture and use funding to create a larger impact on the community.