Being a part of United Way of Sampson County means being a part of improving our community, and we recognize that we can do that best if we LIVE UNITED. We seek to share our vision of a healthy, thriving community by connecting and supporting agencies that are committed to making a positive difference in people's lives. The challenges we face in our community can sometimes seem overwhelming, and they surely would be if tackled alone. We applaud and support the amazing work that our partner agencies do, and it is our privilege to work alongside them. Hearing a child read or seeing their face light up when they receive a medal, helping provide access to healthcare, or supporting someone during a difficult time, these are the times we know we've made a difference. Knowing that we can improve lives when we LIVE UNITED drives us to seek out even more opportunities to help others. The success of United Way of Sampson County and our partner agencies depends on people who support us with their gifts, time, and energy. We thank everyone who has chosen to support United Way. Without you, our success would not be possible. My commitment to make our community a better place to live is how I LIVE UNITED and I encourage you to join us in improving the lives of others.

Shawn Purvis
United Wayof Sampson County