United Way of Sampson County
2022 Partner Agencies

The United Way of Sampson County supports programs at the following health and human service agencies.  These are local agencies serving residents of Sampson County.  The United Way of Sampson County monitors each agency by conducting an annual review and audit of each of these agencies, to validate that they are serving local residents, that they are operating effectively, and that they are delivering results to our community. 

Breast  and Cervical Cancer Control Program (Department of Health)
Your gift provides mammograms to the uninsured and an awareness campaign to educate minority females on the importance of early detection and treatment.
Contact: 910-592-1131

Champions Program
Champions is an organization designed for students within Sampson County and Clinton City schools with varying physical and mental disabilities. Funding will provide these students with opportunities to participate in a variety of hands-on activities that are geared toward teaching educational and social skills.  These opportunities are also designed to integrate these students within the community allowing them to engage with the community at large and interact with non-disabled peers while developing a sense of self and independence.

Contact: 910-574-5673

Child Advocacy Center
Your gift helps provide a child-friendly place where victims of child sexual abuse and physical injuries can go to have all required interviews and medical exams performed under one roof in a safe and caring environment.
Contact: 910-490-9100

Clinton Area Foundation for Education (C.A.F.E.)
Your gift enhances the quality of education by providing mini-grants to city school teachers for educational projects not funded by the Board of Education.
Contact: 910-592-3132

Sampson County 4H Youth Development Program
Your gift provides county youth ages 5-19 with hands-on learning experiences which teach citizenship, leadership, science, life skills, technology and responsibility.
Contact: 910-592-7161

Sampson County Firefighters Association
Your gift provides the fire safety material to educate school-aged children as well as preschool and adult day cares throughout the county on fire prevention, safety, and emergency responses.
Contact: 910-592-2578

Sampson County Friends of Education
Your gift improves the quality of education for county school children by providing learning enhancement tools not funded by the Board of Education.  
Contact: 910-592-1401

Sampson County Health & Wellness Education Program
Your gift helps reduce obesity in our community by providing nutrition education and various “ hand-on” experiences through food education workshops for youth and adults. 910-592-7161

Sampson County Horticulture Program
Your gift provides funding to focus on adult and youth food insecurities by teaching residents to cultivate healthy gardens and ecosystems through safe, effective, and sustainable gardening practices.
Contact: 910-592-7161

Sampson County Agriculture Education Program
Your gift provides school aged youth the opportunity to learn about agriculture and commodities grown throughout the county and North Carolina as well as the impact Sampson County has on the national and worldwide food supply.
Contact: 910-592-7161

Wheelchair Ramp Program (Department of Aging)
Your gift allows older adults and disabled children to remain at home by providing wheelchair ramps that ensure their safety and well-being.
Contact: 910-592-4653