What do we do?
United Way of Sampson County, incorporated in 1991, is a local non-profit organization that is the single largest non- government agency that funds health and human services in our community. Our campaign dollars support a network of 12 local agencies which serve our county.

What kind of agencies do we support?
United Way provides funding to human service agencies and our focus is on education, health and income.

How many people do we employ?
The United Way of Sampson County employs only one part time executive director. We are a volunteer driven organization.

Why do most people give to United Way?
Most people give to the campaign to help others in need. In addition, there may be an interest in one or more agencies that United Way supports and a desire to build a stronger community.

Why not just give directly to the agencies?
United Way's community-based oversight ensures that the charities you support through United Way adhere to sound fiscal policies, and that programs provide needed services.

How is United Way accountable?
United Way is reviewed annually by a local accounting firm which reviews the fiscal operation of the organization. The volunteer Board of Directors which meets monthly approves the operating budget and carefully reviews the financial statements. Volunteer driven, the organization’s operating costs are very low and well below the national standard for charitable organizations.

How are United Way partner agencies accountable?
The United Way Board of Directors oversees the funding allocations to all partner agencies. These experienced volunteers review financial reports, annual audits, agency programs and their outcomes to ensure quality programs. Allocations to agencies are available to the community.

Every United Way partner agency meets these high standards to ensure quality and efficiency:

  • Recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization
  • Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Provides for a health and human service care need
  • Provides financial statements by an independent certified public accountant
  • Provides a detailed application including financial statements
  • Annually presents entire budget and outcomes to a panel of community volunteers

Don't some agencies receive government funding?
Many agencies do receive governmental funding. However, United Way funding often allow agencies to leverage available government funds, which maximizes their resources. In fact, given the shrinking government dollars, privately funded organizations like United Way are even more important than ever for agencies to continue providing services.

I never use agency services, so why should I give?
United Way touches 1 in 3 residents in Sampson County. You never know when you, a member of your family, or a neighbor may need a program supported by United Way. Your gift helps ensure that the United Way services are available when they are needed.

Who manages the United Way?
United Way is a community organization governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors who oversees policies, activities, and procedures. These community volunteers reflect the cultural diversity of our area. A single part-time staff member works closely with the board and handles United Way's daily operations.

Who decides how much funding is given to a partner agency? The volunteer Board of Directors makes all decisions in the distribution of United Way funds.

Does United Way spend my dollars on meals and advertisement?
NO! All campaign dollars raised are used to support partner agencies and United Way’s budget. All meals and special events are sponsored through local businesses and individuals.

Can I designate my contribution to go to a particular agency?
YES! But you can only designate to the partner agencies that we support. The partner agencies are listed in the brochure and pledge card.

What exactly is the Days of Caring event? United Way coordinates the annual Days of Caring event which provides opportunities for employee groups as well as others such as civic and church organizations to participate in one-day volunteer projects at local non-profit agencies.

How does my agency apply for United Way funding? Funding applications are available November 15th in the year preceding funding distribution and due in early January. All 501 (c) (3) non-profit and government agencies are eligible to apply but must have financial statements provided by an independent certified public accountant to be considered. Please contact us to receive an application and find out more about the application process and audit policy.