Days of Caring
Preparing for Your Volunteer Day

United Way of Sampson County will confirm with the Team Coordinator the project site and provide the sponsor agency’s Project Coordinator name and contact information. Please contact the Project Coordinator as soon as possible to introduce yourself, confirm the day and time and begin planning for your team’s volunteer day. There are many things you can do as Team Coordinator to ensure the day is FUN and runs smoothly. Here are a few items to discuss with the Project Coordinator:

  • Arrival time of your team to project site
  • Any supplies required by your team
  • Appropriate clothing needed
  • Any special skills required
  • Directions to project site and parking information
  • Food arrangements (who will provide snacks, drinks, lunch, etc)
  • Restroom facilities if outside project
  • Contingency plan for rain if outside project – rain date, how volunteers will be notified
  • Agency’s insurance covers volunteers during project
  • Waiver or release form for pictures