Days of Caring
Forming Your Team

  • Designate a Team Coordinator to communicate with United Way, the sponsor agency, and volunteers
  • Most companies and small businesses provide “release time” to allow employees to participate in Days of Caring projects
  • Consider creating a Days of Caring poster or flier to generate interest and recruit volunteers
  • Use electronic communication such as email or newsletter to announce opportunity to participate in Days of Caring
  • Determine how many employees or club/group members would like to participate
  • If there is a large number of volunteers, consider breaking into more than one team
  • Sometimes more employees want to participate than can, so you may need to select volunteers by a drawing or other innovative method
  • Determine what time of day your team wants to volunteer (i.e. morning, afternoon, all day)
  • Consider what type of volunteer work your team would prefer to do such as painting, building, landscaping, organizing, reading, clerical, etc.
  • Contact United Way if you or your team has any questions or needs more information